AgriSolve Benefits

View, track, and manage
your land for productivity gains

Wind Turbines

Use our drawing tool to select areas on the map, and then view data from 4 different satellites to interpret soil temperature, NDVI, and NDWI features for chosen date spans.

Hydropower Plants

AgriSolve automatically steps you through the analysis process, providing suggestions for soil improvement, crop yield, and allowing you to watch changes over time.

Platform sponsors

This project is supported by Mallee Sustainable Farming with funding from the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board Grassroots Grant.

NDVI Analysis for Regions

Our web app makes it easy to view and analyze NDVI data for any area you’re interested in. Whether it’s for farming, environmental management, or forestry, you can quickly see how healthy vegetation is in a specific location. Just input the coordinates or draw a shape on the map, and you’ll get high-resolution NDVI images and tools for insights.

Temporal NDVI Comparison

With our platform, you can compare NDVI data over time. Pick the dates you want to check, and see how vegetation has changed. It’s a valuable feature for tracking seasons, evaluating interventions, and making data-based choices. It’s handy for farmers, conservationists, and urban planners alike.

Historical Notes and Data for POIs

Keep records of important spots and events. You can add notes, images, and more to your Points of Interest (POIs). This feature is perfect for researchers, environmentalists, and anyone who needs to maintain a digital logbook of past observations. It’s a useful tool for tracking the history of specific areas or events.

Free for personal and commercial use

AgriSolve is currently free to use, for both personal and commercial
use cases. The aim of the platform is to benefit Australian farmers
and producers, ultimately increasing yield and future-proofing our
local industries.

Developed by farmers, for farmers

We’re in our pilot phase right now, which means we’re actively seeking
users of the platform. If you’ve got thoughts, queries, concerns – or if
you think there’s a must-have feature, make sure you tell us about it.

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